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Many people consider hand sanitizer to be a wonderful addition to their lives. They carry these tiny bottles in their purses, backpacks and diaper bags for times when soap and water are not available. However, some hand sanitizers can pose a risk to children, which is why only certain products are safe to use.

Let’s learn more about hand sanitizer, the concerns that medical professionals have and what products are safe to use on children’s hands.

Concerns Over Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizers

When you see hand sanitizers in the store, you’ll notice that many appeal specifically to children. They’re marketed in glittery cases with sweet-smelling scents such as cookie dough and strawberry lemonade. However, if a young child ingests the solution, they can become intoxicated from the alcohol.

Children are more susceptible to alcohol poisoning because their bodies are smaller. A child who has ingested hand sanitizer may experience a slowed heart rate, blood pressure and breathing. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) analyzed data from 2011 to 2014 and discovered that more than 70,000 children had been exposed to the alcohol in sanitizers.

Aside from ingesting the solution, young children also run the risk of getting it into their eyes, leading to eye irritation or infection. It’s also worth mentioning that alcohol-based sanitizers can be tough on sensitive skin. The alcohol burns small cuts and scrapes and can dry out tiny hands.

Zoono’s Hand Sanitizers are Kid Friendly

Hand sanitizers do have a role for young children because they kill harmful germs and bacteria that might otherwise make them sick. Parents know that after a day of playing at the park or zoo, their children’s hands could be covered in germs. Instead of using a traditional alcohol-based hand sanitizer, medical professionals recommend a nontoxic product such as Zoono.

Zoono’s products use water-based technology to kill 99.99% of germs immediately. The hand sanitizer contains no harmful chemicals, and it lasts up to 24 hours so that you don’t have to keep reapplying. The gentle solution won’t burn or irritate sensitive skin, either. Of course, it’s still important to follow all directions written on the bottle.

In the end, it is okay for your kids to use hand sanitizers, but stay away from alcohol-based ones. It’s not worth the risk when there are safer, gentler and more effective options available. Check out our kid-safe hand sanitizers here.